Monday, March 28, 2011


Alright so my army is getting into more modern times now. Here's my next entry. As usual, nothing is painted yet since I haven't ordered any paints yet, but I will soon.

So in the first pics you can see my dreadnought's arm flamer. It was a simple matter of starting to drill, trimming at both ends of the shroud and then where the barrel ends at the receiver. I also drilled all the heat ports. Then I took some pipe I had, which I think is actually glass with an amber hue and some weird metallic core... anyway I broke off a piece a little bigger than the size I needed, and used my diamond files to smooth out the ends.

Next up a heavy bolter, with the usual drilling involved

Then the right arm with the rubber polycap for the joint, these I found and were just the right size
Also I found the polycaps and thought it'd be a good idea to install them after I already glued the arm pieces together. This is why I don't like to glue unless it's absolutely completely necessary, and it made me have to cut into the plastic, which meant the holes lining up was more a matter of estimation by marking the center with a fine tipped marker instead of the certainty of having one behind the other.

 Power plant with the ports done. I'm still considering putting another pipe inside of these. Also, micro weld helps smooth out any flash or differences in alignment that may result from drilling, as the ports in the original mold weren't radial to the center, but instead were all arrayed perpendicular to the plain of the mold lines.

Magnetized hip. I drilled and amplified the hole for the magnet so I could reduce the distance, I also put a screw in the hip, had to cut out a bit in the inside for it to fit well, then sanded that too to also reduce distance.
The pose is held by pure friction, I did some talc and CA glue paste on top to make sure the magnet doesn't go anywhere and covered the bottom with pure CA and let that sit.

And here it is posed, no major components are glued together right now, I find the grapple mags on top can be easily held by pressure, the claws do need help, and the feet... I think I want to do something so that I can pose it in different bases.

Overall this was 2 days on and off work, but I still need to order some switches. I plan to have a battery in the power plant, that would power an LED, to which I can connect some clear colored tubing to take care of all the lights that are supposed to be around the torso and some sort of metallic structure that holds the plant in place by the same hip magnet. The magnet BTW is neodymium in a tall cylindrical shape which I got a couple years ago, so that helps in terms of multiple function modular components. I'd also need something for the flamer... maybe a contact that can sit at the center of the polycap. It already has a hole in the center so I can run some wire through that. 


  1. hi Jose, excellent work, and by the way as spoken the last time we got together your codex has shipped today.

  2. Nice! Please let me know how much it was so I can take care of it this Sunday when we meet.