Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fallen Statue terrain

    Alright, so I just finished sculpting it, I used a styrofoam core and this air dry clay that I really disliked, I wasn't satisfied so I used regular water based clay on top of that, though it was an old chunk so it was pretty stiff, had to humidify it and knead it a lot.

    Got a little far, kept adding and adding even though it was hollow-ish, got pissed at the results and just squashed it back into a ball, then started working from there. I'm satisfied with the results, it's starting to crack but that's good for my ends, also added some styrofoam as rubble from where it supposedly broke off at the shoulders. I think it keeps with the Imperium's style. Will detail after it dries and I add a base to it.