Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deep Strike!

Alright, so this is my blog detailing my progress in the WH40K hobby. Since I don't wanna start out cold, and because of peer pressure, let's get right to it! So I have a 2nd edition starter army box that I got around 12 years ago and it's just been sitting there gathering dust since I didn't have anyone to play with until recently.

So let's start with the contents I found inside in terms of miniatures, since all the cards are now obsolete anyway-

Space Marines, they're blood angels in the box art, and I read up on them and liked them, so that's what these will be. There's 2 sergeants, 2 rocket troops, 2 flamer troops, and 14 regulars, but 1 bolter is missing so I'm not gonna use the one guy that seemed to have cheaper plastic and molding.

A shit ton of goblins; 40 to be exact.

Orks, 2nd ed style reminds me of samurai armor, lol. 20 of them, though there's 2 shoota's missing, so if I ever find those bitz they'll definitely be back in action.

Also you can spot the lone Chaos guy. I had some early attempts at painting a long time ago, with testor's paints, but that doesn't seem to be too bad to clean up. Considering how long these have been stored away, I really can't complain in terms of what's missing. Might even be able to find that stuff lying around here somewhere.

Also obligatory are some images of the unit styles from back then.

So let's see, to keep some coherence we'll go in the same order.

Space Marines

    Regular Marine



    Regular Ork


Alright, and now a brief mention of some terrain accessories that I've acquired throughout my odysseys in general scale modeling, and which will definitely come into play in this hobby. I really can't find a place to introduce them in the next post, so here we go.

Resin destroyed building with armor tracks

I'm thinking this could easily be 2 separate pieces of scenery, but it might be cool to be a bit original and be able to give our tanks some cover.

Some hilly terrain I got, styrofoam-

Unlikely as it is, this was sold as a christmas decoration.
Alright, that's it for my first entry. Luckily I've got everything ready for the next one.


  1. Cool ...!
    Bueno esperamos verte este fin de semana, excelente compaƱero adelante con el trabajo