Saturday, September 8, 2012

Custom Venerabe Furioso

Hey guys, I'm back and I have a new camera! So let's get on with the show. As per the smarter format, first I show you shiny pics, then I bore you with the text-

Here we have a Venerable Dreadnought with a couple of simple conversions to turn it into a Furioso. All that was needed was a head from a Death Company Marine, the Blood Angels symbol from a Stormraven, and the same for the shin covers that come with the DC marine boxes. The biggest couple of things it has are the magnetized torso, the pinned legs and feet (it's not even glued down yet!), the bent feet since they wouldn't be flat, and the raised leg as per the guide on this thread:

Finally, for the cables all that was needed was an appropriate sized copper wire with another appropriately gauged wire wrapped around, and voila! Be sure to get plastic covered wire just to be as sure as possible that rust won't ruin your paintjob.

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