Friday, February 3, 2012

Sons of Sanguinius

Well I want to liven my blog up a bit and it sure will happen this year with this new camera I've got!

I've felt that my models do better in-game when I use the proper miniatures, so I've decided to have a go at creating my HQ Librarian which so far has been doing terribly because I'd used all other sorts of miniatures to represent him. I do have 3 other Librarians, 1 of them from Space Hulk (I'd post the pics up but honestly, who hasn't seen the SH minis by now?) but all of them are in terminator armour.

Anyway I wanted this guy to be as Blood Angely as possible, basically my idea is to make these guys look as much like a walking Roman-Catholic church as possible. This meant I would need to use plastic kits, but where would I get the bits to make a librarian? Well that's where the sweet part of this blog post comes! I'm going to post up the following pics of my conversion and the first person who lists where all the relevant bits come from gets free sculpture work done by yours truly with a satisfaction guarantee.* So what are you waiting for?

*Limited to residents of Guatemala. 
  Winning entry must list each piece and respective kit of origin.


  1. Nice pics i hope it is painted by next week

  2. pues se ve bien... mmm veamos, pueden ser ..mmmmmmm ni la menor idea compadre .....