Sunday, February 5, 2012

Heavy gear

Some work left to do on mah libby. I decided to do a cape style thing flowing back and trust me, it'll look a lot better just with the priming but you can get the overall idea with the following mock up-

Also I'm working on building up some transparent wings as a psychic power and an am planning on coloring them them transparent red in the right places, having tendrils of psychic energy floating around, fun stuff.

Next up are my devvies.. I had a fun time building them and managed to turn 1 box of them into 10, sacrificing some peeps from the tactical squad but I'm confident I made the right choice, as my use of tacs will probably be limited, and devs are much more expensive ($$$ wise) than tacs so it seems more efficient for me.
I tried to make the Sarge look as much as an assault marine as possible, in case he ever gets the red thirst :p

Just love the look of a pissed off marine with a heavy bolter

Old school meets new school

I did some minor modeling work to get the movement pose right on the gun

just tried to make the guy on the right more bad ass, as well as some minor modding on the hand adjusting the launcher's targeting mechanism. I forgot to take a picture, but the guy on the left has a bolt pistol attached to his backpack (which I imagine the servo arm hands him when he runs out of ammo.)

Tried to be original, too bad it didn't reach as far to get him to actually load it.

Plasma shots, I imagine, create some nice wind effects- all of that energy being shot forward.

just a knife for CC

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  1. Que ondas... pues has estado trabajando mucho me llega..... en lo personal no me gusta la capa XD a mi gusto no tendría que tener ese agujero muy grande (parece falda) pero como dices hay que verla pintada.
    los devastadores, me agrada mucho lo que lograste, aunque algunos están un poco sobrecargados pero me gustan... y al igual que con el biblio, cuando esten pintados siempre se ven distintos