Monday, April 11, 2011

Terminator Sergeant

Alright, I did this guy up today in about 2 to 3 hours. Basically the same treatment as before, except the legs were ok so I left them as is. The changes are a little more subtle, but in terms of body language that can have a huge effect. I also changed the torso armor a tiny bit since it complements my pose, see if you can tell :p


  1. Me gusta.... se ve como Todo un presumido :p
    muy interesante como un pequeño cambio en la posición puede darle dinamismo a una miniatura

  2. Interesting sight, keep doing that work, I love it. just remove those mold lines somehow they are jumping at the viewer.

    besides that call me.

  3. Oh yeah I haven't even bothered removing any mold lines yet, just working on re-posing and then I'll focus on clean-up at a neater level, also with the putty once it's completely hard.

    I already did another termie but won't make another post until I do the other 2.

  4. Hellboy, hoy te diste cuenta que lo presumido es por algo.