Friday, May 24, 2013

Alternate Sniper Scouts with Cloaks

Alright guys, have another show and tell today for you!

The (short) story behind these guys is that I needed more sniper scouts, plus an extra missile launcher, so I got to copying with InstaMorph which you can easily google and find for sale. The material is poycaprolactone, and cost me about 20 bucks for a 12 Oz tub. Don't mean to crap on the guys at coolmini... but it really is the same material as Instant Mold, except much cheaper.

I made 7 copies of the loose sniper rifle that came with the respective kit, and set about cannibalizing parts from the shotguns (because imho they are worthless in-game) and that way got my scouts to hold them. I took a hunter killer missile from a tank and combined it with a scout bolter to make the one he is using, also notice the repositioning of the targeting lens that hangs on a wire on the tank version.Then to make the netting I used the method described in this blog:

Thanks to Steve for the idea.

The only difference is that I used basil in my case. BTW, marjoram is basically oregano, though the oregano I bought has very small, full leaves that could pass for dry leaves in a diorama and that I will definitely save for that.

I applied a bit of spit polish (literally... nasty), to get the netting to bunch up, but the PVA did do its job in hardening the netting in position. Besides doing a big of inking on the netting in some spots, I don't really see a need to change the colors, so I'm just going to remove these for painting the rest of the models, then stick them back on, which the pictures will help me to get right :D

Well guys, there you go, that's one way to pull off camo cloaks, and frankly I'm really digging the effect and think it rivals the original. The only thing I kind of long for is for the aiming pose but it wouldn't come naturally to these guys.

On another note, I hope this blog at least serves to collect some cool techniques I've found around, for  anyone's reference.

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