Friday, April 6, 2012


Hope everyone out there is doing alright! I've been a bit busy lately with some scratchbuilds- first off I wanted to put in a LED with battery in my Land Raider that I could easily replace, and though the obvious spot in the engine compartment was beckoning it wouldn't have been practical at all so I decided I needed to make a cylindrical turret for the storm bolter.

The next entry, I think, is much better since I got some practice with the first- the leg below the knee of one of my terminators was repositioned about a year ago and it came loose at some time, after much searching I decided to just replace it with a bionic one as any Techmarine would advice, and you can see the result. I decided to remove the thigh piece that was left and just went crazy with anything I could find, and the model looks less like it was tripping over something (you can find it in my earlier entries. I decided that since Terminator armour is tactical dreadnought armour, that I would put a similar sort of plate there for the greaves, and some details do call back to the styling of dreadies.

Until next time!

 For a second I thought to just copy the relevant part to fix it, but then I decided to improve the model instead.

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