Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Custom Captain Tycho

I used 3 kits to make this-
sanguinary guard for the left hand, head, chest and legs, spare back half of torso I had lying around, backpack, insignia, and right shoulder pad from DC, arms from the captain sprue. I sculpted the right facemask and the tabard.

Tabards, by the way, are really easy to do. Just pop some putty in a ziplock bag, flatten it and cut the shape out while still inside. remove the plastic from one side and stick it where you want it, the shape the folds with an x-acto. When dry, remove the front plastic film. Will do a step by step, but I need to organize my work area so it has better lighting for pics.
Anyway here are the results- 


  1. nice looking model I would love to have a face off against him.

  2. Thanks very much! I'm planning to have a downed ork at the base. I'm going to keeep working on growing my army now so soon enough we shall have a good battle.